Impact of SB 274: 22 New Potential Civil Actions Against Your Business

New Ohio towing laws created by SB 274 are now in full effect including 22 new potential civil actions against towing companies and storage facilities.  You can avoid consequences like fines, 3X damages, attorney’s fees and even loss of your PUCO certificate by knowing the new laws!

The APTO legal team has put together an easy to read, 1 page list of the 22 requirements every Ohio Towing and Recovery Professional needs to know.  Violating any of these new requirements could lead to a ‘Strike’ against your business from the State.  With three ‘Strikes’ in one year, your PUCO certificate would be removed and your business shut down for 6 months.  Make sure you know the new law before it’s too late.

To view the list of requirements, please sign in or join APTO.

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