HB 341 Committee Hearing Next Week

Following the interested parties meeting earlier this week, the House State Government Committee has scheduled the new Ohio Towing legislation, HB 341, for its second hearing NEXT WEDNESDAY, January 27th.

APTO Lobbyist Andy Herf will be providing PROPONENT TESTSIMONY, in support of the bill.  ALL are welcome to attend and show their support.

The State Government Committee hearing is scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, January 27

House State Government (Chr. Maag, R.), Rm. 121, 2:30 pm or after session 

HB 423 MILITARY RECORDS (Perales, R.) To specify that an order for active military service or other documentation regarding the call to order of an individual in the Armed Forces of the United States or the Ohio organized militia is not a public record. –1st Hearing-Sponsor
HB 386 STATE SEAL (Perales, R.) To add a representation of the Wright Brothers’ first piloted airplane to the Coat of Arms and Great Seal of the State of Ohio. –1st Hearing-Sponsor
SB 116 DAY DESIGNATION (Tavares, C.Thomas, C.) To designate October 16 as George Washington Williams day. –1st Hearing-Sponsor
HCR 22 MAGNA CARTA (Brenner, A.) To recognize and celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta. –1st Hearing-Sponsor
HB 341 TRANSPORTATION LAWS (Young, R.Sweeney, M.) To require the Public Utilities Commission to raise the existing statutorily designated towing and storage fees annually by the percentage increase in the consumer price index, to establish a $35 fee for the retrieval of nonmedical personal items from a motor vehicle, to modify the civil penalties applicable to violations of the towing law, to modify the calculation of the value of an abandoned vehicle to which a towing service or storage facility seeks to take title, and to make other changes to the towing law. –2nd Hearing-Proponent-Possible substitute
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