Tower Alert: New Maximum Rates for PPI Towing & Storage Take Effect June 8th, 2018

Ohio Towers:

The PUCO will file final rules today establishing new MAXIMUM rates for towing and storage fees for vehicles towed from Private Tow Away Zones in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 4513.601. These maximum rates will also be in effect for police ordered tows for vehicles left on private residential or private agricultural property within a municipal corporation, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 4513.60, unless the municipal corporation has established fees for vehicle removal and storage.

The MAXIMUM rates are established – and will be effective June 8th, 2018 – as follows:

  • For a vehicle with a GVWR less than 10,001 the maximum towing and storage fees are $129 and $17 per day.
  • For a vehicle with a GVWR equal to or greater than 10,001 the maximum towing and storage fees are $216 and $29 per day.

All Ohio towers are advised to carefully read each applicable section of the Ohio Revised Code dealing with the newly established rates to ensure full and complete compliance with all of the new laws and rules now in effect.  Accordingly, we will be updating the APTO Ohio Towing and Recovery Compliance Manual to reflect the new established rates. The manual has all of the information you need, including compliance check lists, to ensure you will be in full compliance with the rules and laws that impact your business. Everyone who has purchased this invaluable resource already will be receiving a FREE update soon reflecting the new rates.

APTO is your trusted source for any and all information concerning the Ohio towing and recovery industry – you will hear it hear accurately and in real time from APTO. A reminder to all APTO members: please do not hesitate to contact Executive Director Joe Hollabaugh if you have any questions or concerns regarding the new rates or if we can provide you with any additional information. We look forward to Friday when many Ohio towing and recovery professionals will experience a much needed raise and well deserved increase to your bottom line!

-The APTO Team

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