Board of Directors & Leadership Committee Members - Association of Professional Towers - Ohio

APTO Board of Directors

& Leadership Committee Members

Sandy Saponari

Rich’s Towing & Recovery

(Cleveland, OH)




Dave Clark

United Towing Service

(Cleveland, OH)

Bryan Whittenberger


(Litchfield, OH)

Joe Coram

Canton Towing

(Canton, OH)

Ron Myers

Pine Tree Towing & Recovery

(Cambridge, OH)

Mike Schoen

World Truck

(Seville, OH)

Kevin Piasecki

Piasecki Service

(Toledo, OH)

Nick LaNeve

A&M Towing

(Girard, OH)

The following also represent APTO on the Ohio Towing & Recovery Legislative Committee (OTRLC), which is a joint partnership formed between APTO and TRAO (Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio) to cooperatively and jointly work on legislative and regulatory matters affecting the Ohio towing & recovery industry. This committee selects three primary representatives and alternates from their group to serve on the joint committee.

Bryan Whittenbarger (Primary)

Ron Myers (Primary)

-BLANK- (Primary)

Joe Coram (Alternate)

Mike Schoen (Alternate)

Sandy Saponari (Alternate)

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