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    Andrew W. Herf began working in the Ohio statehouse in 1994 as the Legislative Aide to State Senator Robert Cupp.  During his two years on staff in the Ohio Senate, Andy worked on a variety of issues affecting business interests across the state including banking reform, insurance reform, building reform, campaign finance reform and pension reform.

    In 1996, Andy joined the lobbying team at the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, a nationally renowned trade association representing the interest of large and small retailers in Ohio.  His areas of expertise included liquor law, tobacco regulation, transportation issues, and security issues.  During his time at the Council, Andy managed two affiliated trade associations including the Ohio Association of Convenience Stores and the Ohio Bakers Association, while also serving as the Vice President of Merchant Services, Inc., a corporation focused on providing member services to retailers in Ohio.

    In 1999, Andy became the Vice President of the Craig Group, a Columbus based public relations firm which provides a variety of public relations services to clients including legislative representation, executive agency lobbying, trade association management, grass roots organization, grass tops organization, Political Action Committee management and issue campaign management.

    Since leaving the Craig Group in 2001, Andy has worked for the Wholesale Beer and Wine Association of Ohio.  In his role as Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Andy has built one of the largest Political Action Committees in Ohio and successfully fought for the issues important to beer and wine wholesalers across the state, building overwhelming bi-partisan support for the entire alcohol beverage industry.  Over the course of 12 years, Andy worked with national leaders to change the industry conversation into a defense of a regulatory system that offers value and selection to consumers, allows small and large business to compete in a fair marketplace, all the while serving the public good.  In 2010, Andy served as the national President of the Wholesale Beer Association Executives.

    In addition to the Wholesale Beer and Wine Association of Ohio, Andy has also operated AW Herf & Co., LLC.  AW Herf & Co. is a multi-client firm representing a variety of interests ranging from pension and retirement issues, financial services, travel and tourism issues, both statewide and regional, and contract procurement.


    Joe Hollabaugh:

    Joe started his career while studying Political Science at The Ohio State University and working for Ohio State Senator Merle Grace Kearns. First as a page (running errands!) and then as constituent aid in her Ohio Senate office, working for a passionate and dedicated public official like Senator Kearns was instrumental for Joe to continue pursuing a career in politics and government and was a true education in State Government.

    While working in the Ohio Senate and around capitol square, Joe was fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of several political campaigns ranging from local school board to managing a race for State Representative and successful Ohio gubernatorial campaigns.

    In 1999, Joe served as an Assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Office of Ohio Governor Bob Taft.  In this role, Joe acted as a liaison between the chief of staff, governor’s office staff and executive department staff, worked as an advance coordinator for the Governor, and staffed all major governors’ office events.

    Returning to the political field in 2000, Joe became the Political Director for the successful Ohio Victory 2000/Bush-Cheney Ohio Campaign where he managed 24 county political organizations and 15 statewide regional phone banks to reach campaign goals.  He also staffed or performed planning and advance duties for all candidate visits and major campaign events in Ohio.

    Joe returned to work in state government as a Legislative Liaison at the Ohio Department of Commerce, in 2000, where he represented the department and the divisions of Real Estate, Financial Institutions, Industrial Compliance, Liquor Control, Unclaimed Funds, State Fire Marshal, and Labor and Worker Safety before the Ohio General Assembly on behalf of the governor.  He was responsible for coordinating all Ohio Revised Code, Administrative Code, State Budget, Controlling Board, legislative and rule making initiatives for the divisions he was assigned and was the principal contact to legislators, governor’s constituents, and interested parties regarding all department policy, regulatory and legislative matters.

    In 2003, Joe joined and later became the Vice President of LNE Group, a public policy advocacy and government relations consulting firm representing public and private sector clients including: state and local governments, trade associations, multi-national corporations, and non-profit organizations.  Joe was directly responsible for managing all state, federal, and local lobbying clients and all legislative, executive and procurement initiatives.

    Eight years ago, Joe started and continues to serve as President of JMH Management – an independent and multiple client Government Affairs, Business Development and Trade Association Management firm representing a variety of corporate, association and industry clients at the state and local level. The firm specializes in the development and execution of government relations initiatives, public policy and lobbying, political campaign strategy, procurement opportunities, economic development and grant proposals, and state trade association management.

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